Gennaro’s Verdure by Gennaro Contaldo

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Gennaro’s Verdure: delicious Italian recipes that help you to eat more healthy vegetables by Gennaro Contaldo
English | 2024 | Food & Cooking

In Gennaro’s Verdure, Gennaro transforms humble vegetables from side dish material into the hero of the plate, using punchy flavours from staple ingredients in his unique and much loved Italian style.
Structured by colour chapters that group recipes into vegetable families, Gennaro champions their versatility and breaks the common misconception that vegetables lack texture and flavour. This novel approach not only adds visual appeal but also allows for easy navigation and exploration of the wonderful world of vegetables.
Up first, Green Vegetables, Gennaro highlights the crisp freshness and health benefits of greens like asparagus, spinach, and broccoli. He transforms these humble ingredients into culinary masterpieces; try Gennaro’s Asparagus Carbonara, a delightful twist on the classic pasta dish, and be tempted by his Spinach ‘plumcake’, a unique creation that combines savoury and sweet flavours.
In Red Vegetables, Gennaro celebrates the vibrant hues and rich flavours of produce such as tomatoes, Swiss chard and red peppers. From Chard Calzone to a zingy Tomato Sorbet, Gennaro proves that these red gems can be the star ingredients of extraordinary dishes.

Sunshine Vegetables radiates with the vibrant colours of yellow, cream and orange vegetables. Gennaro showcases the natural sweetness and sunny disposition of ingredients such as carrots, onions and pumpkins. These recipes will bring warmth and joy to your plate, from comforting Pumpkin Gnocchi to Carrot Soufflé.
Purple Vegetables uncovers the hidden treasures lurking in the depths of our refrigerators. Aubergines, purple radicchio and beetroots take centre stage. Savour Beetroot Capracchio and Raddchio Terrine over a picnic lunch on a summer’s day, imagining you are on the Amalfi Coast.

While not all recipes are entirely plant-based, Gennaro ensures that every dish includes the beauty and goodness of plants. With his signature Italian touch, these innovative meals are designed to please not only vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians, but also meat-eaters looking to incorporate more vegetables into their diet.
Gennaro’s Verdure is a testament to the incredible potential of vegetables, including an in-depth profile of each. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a meatless Monday or aiming to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, Gennaro’s recipes are sure to leave you satisfied, nourished, and eager to experiment with the endless possibilities of vegetables.

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