Gray After Dark by Noelle West Ihli

Gray After Dark by Noelle West Ihli (ePUB) Free Download

Gray After Dark by Noelle West Ihli
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A merciless wilderness. A harrowing attack. A desperate escape.
When a tragic accident sidelines Miley’s dreams of Olympic gold, she takes a summer job at a mountain guest lodge. The Frank Church Wilderness is remote, but it’s the perfect place to train and recover. Local lore about a staffer who died years ago doesn’t scare her.
But it should.

Miley’s plans take a terrifying detour when she’s abducted during a morning run. Held captive in a desolate off-grid cabin, she’ll have to use her athletic prowess, cunning mind, and courage to survive. But as the nightmare at the cabin escalates, Miley is forced to form an unlikely alliance and attempt a risky escape.
Can she outwit her captors and survive the wilderness before it’s too late?

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