Guard Her with your Life by Joy Ellis

Guard Her with your Life by Joy Ellis (ePUB) Free Download

Guard Her with your Life by Joy Ellis
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Detective Sam Helsdown waits anxiously at the airport. He’s excited and more than a little nervous to be picking up his daughter. It’s the first time he’s seen ten-year-old Zoe in two years.

Flight BA631 from Athens lands and soon people begin trickling through Arrivals. A blonde-haired girl races towards him and throws herself into his arms crying, ‘Daddy!’.

Sam hugs her tightly. But then he looks down at her properly — and an icy horror grips him.

The next day, the phone rings. The voice is urgent. ‘Help will come. Until then, guard her with your life.’ It’s Julia, his ex.

Ruthless criminals are closing in and Sam will do whatever it takes to keep this girl safe.

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