Gutted by Emmy Ellis

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Gutted by Emmy Ellis (Detective Tracy Collier #1)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Detective Inspector Tracy Collier stares at the men in her team. Four blokes, four different personalities, four different ways of caring for her.
Tracy will never get used to people caring for her. She didn’t have this luxury when she was a kid, and now she has a hard outer shell and heart to match.
Then the call comes in. Tracy grabs DS Damon, her boyfriend and colleague, and heads to the outskirts of the city.

‘You may well groan, Damon, but you haven’t attended a fresh body in a while. I can’t keep giving you special treatment. You puke, you puke, and that’s the end of it.’
Tracy steps inside the dilapidated barn with a queasy-looking Damon to see what the killer has left for her this time.

She takes a deep breath. Stares straight ahead at the victim. Blimey, it was similar to last week. Guts on display, draping out of a body that had been strung up from one of four rafters still somehow firmly in place.
It’s the third body they’ve found gutted in a matter of weeks — and it won’t be the last . . .
Please note this is a revised edition of All Those Lies.

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