Hell Bent by Ian Loome

Hell Bent by Ian Loome (ePUB) Free Download

Hell Bent by Ian Loome (Rogue Warrior #4)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

They killed his friend. And opened the gates to hell.
Former black ops assassin Bob Singleton has been living the quiet life for the past six months. Working a simple job under the Arizona desert sun. Keeping his pursuers at bay.
But trouble has a way of finding Bob.

A young father, Tito, is on the hit list of a local cartel led by a spoiled brat gangster, trading on his father’s reputation. He recklessly goes after Tito and inadvertently kills a close friend of Bob’s.
Now Bob is on a mission – he’s going to take down the entire cartel and terminate its leader. With extreme prejudice.

As Bob brings his own unique brand of mayhem, the cartel pushes back with every weapon at its disposal including an elite sicario, a jungle cat, and a dirty cop.
But Bob won’t back down. He wants justice – even if it means putting his own life on the line.

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