In a Lonely Grave by Amy Cross

In a Lonely Grave by Amy Cross (ePUB) Free Download

In a Lonely Grave by Amy Cross (The Horrors of Sobolton #4)
English | 2024 | Horror

Out in the forest, beyond the edge of town, there’s a place where nobody goes. According to legend, a strange creature lives deep in the darkness, trapped in a pit as it waits for its next victim. Some say the creature is real, others claim that it was real once but died many years ago.
Sheriff John Tench is about to uncover the shocking truth.

As he continues his investigation into the case of Little Miss Dead, John finds himself drawn into an ancient mystery. Face to face with unspeakable evil, he soon realizes that one of Sobolton’s most terrifying legends is rooted in a tragedy that struck the town years ago. But can he end this tragedy after so many years, or is the pain destined to repeat for generations to come?

Meanwhile Lisa starts to notice strange discrepancies in her life, leading her to question whether everything she sees can be real. Before she has a chance to get to the truth, however, she finds that she has a hidden enemy much closer to home. Is the past finally about to come crashing into her life again?

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