In Her Grave by Willow Rose

In Her Grave by Willow Rose (ePUB) Free Download

In Her Grave by Willow Rose (Detective Billie Ann Wilde #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A killer lurking in the shadows. A detective who will do whatever it takes to protect her family…
Rushing towards the tall trees in the distance, Detective Billie Ann Wilde can already hear the sobs of those gathered at the scene of the murder of a young child. And when she spots the little boy’s pale skin and beautiful blond ringlets, her heart catches in her chest. It’s Billie’s own nephew, Charlie, whose life has been taken.

Billie is immediately told she can’t work on Charlie’s case, but nothing will stop her finding justice for her brother, Peter. Seeing Peter for the first time in years, he looks nothing like the happy-go-lucky teen she grew up with. She’s shocked to her core when, with a trembling voice, he confesses to Charlie’s murder.
But Billie is determined to defend her brother: she knows he’s not a killer. Sneaking into the case files, desperate to save Peter from a terrible fate, she finds a link between his other young son and the murder weapon. Is Peter taking the fall to protect the only child he has left?

Then Billie gets a call from an unknown number that turns her blood to ice. Her heart splits as she recognizes the cry of her own son, Zach. The killer has taken him…

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