Irreplaceable by Nolon King, Lauren Street

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Irreplaceable by Nolon King, Lauren Street (Replaced Series #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Nina Turner loves two things: her fiancé and murder.
She subscribes to every true crime podcast, reads cold cases, and her Friday night is a bottle of wine and a true crime doc. Her fiancé thinks her interest in dead people is a bit weird, but he’s willing to let it slide, and together, they purchase a sprawling acreage.
It’s supposed to be their dream home.

But Nina’s unsettled. Everything about the house feels too familiar to be a coincidence. She does some digging and learns that the house was the site of a supposed murder – though only the girl’s blood was found. Not her body.
That’s why the acreage feels so familiar – Nina listened to the podcast episode.
But the episode didn’t mention the hidden room Nina discovered.

It didn’t mention the missing girl’s secret diaries.
And it didn’t mention the claustrophobic passageways in the walls.
The ones just big enough to creep through.
Something happened here.
Something darker than anyone knows.
And Nina’s determined to figure it out… even if it means looking into her fiancé’s past and discovering why he knows more about the house than he’s letting on.

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