Jac’s Revenge by G R Jordan

Jac’s Revenge by G R Jordan
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

An unexpected hit makes Debbie a widow. The attention of her man’s killer spawns a brutal yet classy alter ego. But how far can you play the game before it takes over your life?

All her life, Debbie Parlor lived in her man’s shadow, knowing his work was never truly honest. She turned her head from news stories and rumours. But when he was disposed of for his smile to placate a rival crime lord, Jac Moonshine was born. And when Debbie is paid compensation for her loss like her car was written off, Jac decides that enough is enough.

With the aid of a sullen daughter, Jac sets about destroying the life of Roberto Randazzo, the city’s top crime lord. Avoiding the local police, Jac instigates chaos in the organised ranks of the local crime family, leaving a signature bottle of hooch at every scene. But when initial efforts lead to bloody success, Jac must double down or leave her vengeful promise unfulfilled.

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