Killer on the Peaks by J. F. Burgess

Killer on the Peaks by J. F. Burgess
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

He watches. He waits, until they are alone.
In the historic Staffordshire market town of Leek, Detective Jessica Ryan, a resilient single mother of two kids, faces life’s challenges. It’s taken four years to rebuild her family after her husband Darren suspiciously disappeared whilst working undercover for the National Crime Agency.

But when a body is discovered at the picturesque Three Shires Head, troubling memories resurface. A wealthy property developer’s murder shakes the popular walker’s haven, thrusting Jessica into an intense investigation that may have links to her husband and organized crime.

Things escalate when a local councilor with a dubious reputation is found hanged at another popular walker’s destination, Lud’s Church, a natural chasm with a shadowy history.

As Jess unravels hidden motives and fractured relationships, more tragedy strikes her life when her teenage daughter Madeleine vanishes. Is there a link between her abduction, her husband’s disappearance, and the two disturbing murders?

Jessica confronts her inner demons while navigating the baron Peak District moors.

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