Last Resort by Mary Stone

Last Resort by Mary Stone (ePUB) Free Download

Last Resort by Mary Stone (Emma Last #9)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

He’s checking his list, checking it twice. Which agent’s fate will be sealed tonight?
Haunted by the whispers of the Other, a chilling real-world threat has Special Agent Emma Last and the Violent Crimes Unit on high alert. Their recent victory against D.C.’s gangs is overshadowed by a sinister promise of vengeance that materializes swiftly, claiming the life of a young FBI recruit.
“I’ll spell it out in the blood of one of your agents.”

This brutal act marks the beginning of a deadly game, drawing Emma and her team into a dark web of danger, where every clue leads them deeper into the mystery and closer to the monster stalking them from the unseen.
And that’s just the beginning. When the body of a cop working the dead agent’s crime scene surfaces the next day, the VCU team comes to the chilling realization that the killer isn’t just watching. He’s one step ahead of them.

Even worse…
He knows where they live. And he’s not just coming for one of them. He’s coming for them all. And they may not get out of this one alive.

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