Mind Burn by Rhett C. Bruno, T. E. Bakutis

Mind Burn by Rhett C. Bruno, T. E. Bakutis (ePUB) Free Download

Mind Burn by Rhett C. Bruno, T. E. Bakutis
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

When hackers can tap directly into the mind, you can’t trust anyone—even yourself.

It’s understandable to be nervous when your new employer tasks you with investigating the first successful mass shooting in twelve years.

Fortunately, detective-in-training Cowan Soto has a Personal Brain Assistant—a cybernetic implant—that allows him to firewall pesky emotions like worry and guilt and redact memories of bullet-riddled corpses.
Unfortunately, Cowan soon learns it was his suspect’s PBA which allowed a ruthless hacker to puppet her into a shooting rampage.

Aided by a veteran investigator, a brilliant CFO, a nihilistic cybercriminal, and the best waifu madam in Kearny Mesa, Cowan must wade through a gauntlet of homicidal professional gamers, the Russian mafia, and the board of OneWorld to bring this ruthless puppetmaster to justice.

All the while, the brand new detective is concealing the fact that he’s the exact type of criminal OneWorld has hired him to arrest: a loose circuit—a human unbound by behavioral modification protocols.

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