Mother Knows Best by Boris Bacic

Mother Knows Best by Boris Bacic (ePUB) Free Download

Mother Knows Best by Boris Bacic
English | 2024 | Horror

She would do anything for her son. Even if it’s against his wishes.
Adam and Beth live a modest but happy married life in Portland, Oregon. The tranquility is shattered when Adam receives a phone call from the hospital: His mother has suffered an accident and needs him. Incapacitated by her broken hip, Adam and Beth extend their invitation to her during her recovery.
At first, the arrangement seems idyllic. Home-cooked meals grace their table, laundry is effortlessly managed, and a newfound harmony blossoms between Beth and Adam’s mom.

However, the peaceful interlude is short-lived. The presence of Adam’s mom soon ignites a series of small problems that escalate into conflicts, creating a rift between Adam and Beth. Caught between two fires, Adam must pick a side. Hoping to salvage their marriage, he makes the difficult decision of sending his mom home.

But peace eludes them even after that. The departure of Adam’s mom does not stem the tide of misfortunes that continue berating them. With each passing day when something bad happens, the couple wonders: Is it a coincidence, or are they facing a deliberate act of sabotage?

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