Murder at Maple Grange by Jane Bettany

Murder at Maple Grange by Jane Bettany (ePUB) Free Download

Murder at Maple Grange by Jane Bettany (Violet Brewster Mysteries #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Maple Grange is the perfect place to retire for the residents of Merrywell. But when a murder investigation unfolds on its grounds, Violet Brewster must dust off her sleuthing skills once again!

Violet Brewster has just finished a project at local retirement village Maple Grange, when she learns that one of the residents, Phyllis Gibson, has passed away suddenly.

Violet is surprised that Phyllis left her a beautiful jewellery box in her will. When she goes to collect it, Maureen Bond, Phyllis’s best friend, tells Violet that Phyllis had become paranoid during her last days, and was convinced that someone was trying to kill her.

When Maureen is pushed off her balcony, it becomes clear that something ominous is happening at Maple Grange. Violet is certain that the clues lie within the jewellery box. As the dangerous occurrences continue, can Violet unlock its contents and uncover the killer, before someone else gets hurt?

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