Murder at the Lake by Carolyn Arnold

Murder at the Lake by Carolyn Arnold (ePUB) Free Download

Murder at the Lake by Carolyn Arnold (Detective Madison Knight #13)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Moonlight dances across her bare skin, and a shooting star flies across the sky. And while the young woman’s eyes are open and facing upward, they no longer see anything…

Detective Madison Knight is about to get married when detectives from a neighboring city storm the wedding and arrest her fiancé, Troy Matthews. He’s being charged for the murder of his childhood friend Dylan Graham, recently shot to death in his home. But the motive dates back to a fateful night from twenty-four years ago when seventeen-year-old Emily Kane was raped and strangled at a beach party.

Police claim that Dylan had plans to expose Troy for the crime even though another friend was convicted for it and sent to prison for twenty-four years. With that friend recently released, Madison suspects that he may be framing Troy to take the fall, some sort of vengeance for not saving him from going to prison. But when he also turns up murdered, Troy again becomes the prime suspect.

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