Nowhere to Run by NJ Moss

Nowhere to Run by NJ Moss (ePUB) Free Download

Nowhere to Run by NJ Moss
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A woman is trapped in a taxi with a killer who has very special plans in place for her . . .
After her martial arts class, Katy Mitchell gets into a taxi as usual. But something is wrong as her driver, Markus, misses the turn. Instead, he takes her on a wild, frightening ride.

He is testing her, Markus explains. He drives to an abandoned building where he’s holding another hostage. If she kills her fellow captive, Markus will set her free. But Katy can’t bring herself to commit murder. Markus considers her weak but he’s willing to give her more opportunities to prove herself to him . . .
Katy’s only hope is to figure out what’s motivating Markus, how his mind works—and why he has chosen her for this bizarre and violent journey. But will she make it through the night without compromising everything she stands for?

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