Olympus Bound by Zoë Routh

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Olympus Bound by Zoë Routh (Gaia #2)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Can ideals triumph over greed? A lunar odyssey where Commander Xanthe Waters battles for mankind’s destiny.

Survival hangs on a knife-edge. Commander Xanthe Waters, a visionary leader haunted by her past, steers the groundbreaking Moon base, Olympus, through its darkest hour. As they stand six months into their lunar odyssey, catastrophe strikes, severing their lifeline to an Earth besieged by ecoterrorism, environmental collapse, and a spiralling political maelstrom.

Amid the unforgiving lunar landscape, Olympus teeters on the precipice of transformation. A breakthrough in helium-3 technology redefines its destiny, pivoting from a beacon of human achievement to a critical node in asteroid mining, a sanctuary for climate refugees, and a volatile chess piece in the interstellar power game. Here, in the vacuum of space, the crew must confront not just external dangers but the internal shadows of ambition, jealousy, and fractured loyalties.

At the heart of this maelstrom stands Xanthe Waters, whose leadership is tested like never before. Torn between duty and a suppressed longing for fellow designer Troy Bruin, she grapples with the weight of decisions where every choice reverberates through the void. Alongside her, a diverse crew of characters must confront their own personal demons while treading the thin line between survival and self-destruction.

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