One Final Shot by M K Farrar

One Final Shot by M K Farrar (ePUB) Free Download

One Final Shot by M K Farrar (Law of Sandtown #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The crack of gunfire rings out across the desert community of Sandtown.
It’s mid-winter and the place is full of snowbirds—those seeking escape from colder weather up north—and tourists.
So when a gunman opens fire, making his way through the communal areas to seek his victims, there are multiple casualties.
With the shooter still at large, Detective Lawrey Winters and her team investigate. Is someone protecting the gunman? Why has Sandtown been targeted?
As the community ripples with confusion and shock, one member, Hella Billy, discovers a young girl hiding behind his club.

No one knows who she is, and she’s not talking.
Is she connected to the shooting?
Or is she just another innocent caught up in a devastating crime?
Lawrey has only recently recovered from her own injuries, and together with the tenuous relationship with her son, and her ex-husband’s new baby arriving at any minute, this case could be the thing that pushes her to her breaking point.
A dangerous man is still at large, and Lawrey must find him before he kills again.

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