Out There: A Camper Cookbook by Lee Kalpakis

Out There: A Camper Cookbook by Lee Kalpakis (ePUB) Free Download

Out There: A Camper Cookbook: Recipes from the Wild by Lee Kalpakis
English | 2024 | Food & Cooking

An adventure-rich collection of easy, flavorful, beautiful recipes to make over a campfire and enjoy in the great outdoors.

OUT THERE presents the story and recipes of a Lee Kalpakis, professional cook who returned home to the Catskill Mountains after 14 years in New York City to live in an off-grid camper in the woods.

Along with delicious, sophisticated recipes Lee shares how to get the most out of an unconventional kitchen. This is a guide for paring down kitchen clutter and stocking a versatile pantry while maximizing the efficiency of any small cooking space.

• 50+ RECIPES: Delicious and beautiful recipes for entertaining—in the wild—from a professional chef and food stylist.
• ADVENTURE: Adventure-style dishes include open fire entrees, batch cocktails, one pot meals, and the perfect backpacking food.
• EXPERT TIPS: Lee shares practices she’s learned through her time out in the woods to help others who love to cook in the great outdoors With open-fire cooking tips and an emphasis on seasonal eating,
• OUT THERE treats nature not just as a source for ingredients but as an extension of the kitchen.

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