Reign of Summer by Nissa Leder

Reign of Summer by Nissa Leder (ePUB) Free Download

Reign of Summer by Nissa Leder
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Escaping to Faerie is no fairy tale.

Months after her mother’s death, Scarlett still can’t find the courage to visit her mom’s gravesite. When the pain and guilt consume her, a stranger’s promise to end her heartache is too tempting to resist, no matter the cost.

Prince Cade has never tasted emotion as fulfilling as Scarlett’s. Her agony fuels his magic, and he lures her to Faerie where he numbs her pain until all of her cares are gone. But the more of her heartache he takes, the more of herself she stands to lose.

The prince feeds from Scarlett’s anguish, strengthening himself for the upcoming winner-takes-all fight for the crown against his older brother Raith, who has a plan of his own–a plan that involves Scarlett.

Trapped in another realm, Scarlett finds herself entangled in the deadly struggle for the Summer crown. And if she can’t conquer her pain and prepare for the battle, she’ll never return to the human realm again.

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