Resurgence by Ken Lozito

Resurgence by Ken Lozito (ePUB) Free Download

Resurgence by Ken Lozito (First Colony Series #16)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Dark secrets lurk among the stars. Are they ready for them?
General Connor Gates is leading a task force on the most ambitious exploration initiative to date. The crew aboard the ships are mix of military and civilian, and include his son, Ethan, who has grown into a well respected leader.
While exploring a strange alien world, the team investigating the wreckage of an alien ship is brutally attacked. The survivors barely escape and are now fighting for their lives and their sanity…including Ethan. They’ve been exposed to a dangerous contagion, and it’s going to spread.
Evidence surfaces that there are prisoners on the planet, and their fates are somehow linked to the survivors on the ship.

For Connor Gates, it’s all or nothing: rescue the people left behind and find a way to heal his son, or lose everything. But when a mysterious alien encounter presents an unthinkable choice, Connor’s decision will affect the future of humanity’s place in the galaxy.
They knew they weren’t alone in the galaxy, but no one could’ve predicted an encounter that would change all the rules.

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