Rise of Humanity by Andreas Brandhorst

Rise of Humanity by Andreas Brandhorst (ePUB) Free Download

Rise of Humanity by Andreas Brandhorst (The Kantaki Saga #1)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In the fifth millennium, Humanity has made it…
… they have settled the galaxy!

This feat was only possible through the help of the Kantaki, insectoid aliens who possess the technology of faster-than-light space travel. Two superpowers, the Consortium and the Alliance, rule over the vast human empire.

In the year 421 of the new era, the leader of the Consortium, Rungard Valdorian, wants only one thing: to become immortal, as the biological treatments that prolong his life no longer have an effect. Though he’s wealthy beyond imagination, it isn’t enough to buy more time. The only person who can help him venture into realms outside linear time is Diamond, his former lover, as she possesses the rare gift to pilot Kantaki spaceships.

Will he be able to track down the pilot he once loved?
Can the Alliance use Valdorians quest to defeat the Consortium?
A power play is coming. War is looming.
And an ancient threat is waiting to rise again, waiting for the two powers to clash to make its move.

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