Shades of Silver City by Miranda Joy

Shades of Silver City by Miranda Joy (ePUB) Free Download

Shades of Silver City by Miranda Joy
English | 2024 | Fantasy

Tasia Foster lives in Silver City, a fae-free human haven where magic is banned. She’s undoubtedly human and unquestionably depressed. Thanks to her late faeologist father, she also possesses an irritating ability to see soul-shades, which she tries her best to ignore.

When Tasia encounters Archer Acciai, a powerful, vigilante gang leader with his own mysterious abilities, her complacency is challenged. Archer knows Tasia is a soulseer; he offers to keep her secret in exchange for her help solving a string of mysterious deaths in the city. Reluctantly, she agrees to help, and soon the two are battling a budding attraction amidst the mayhem.

Tasia must decide whether saving the city is worth uncovering harsh truths about her past, accepting Archer’s secrets, and surrendering to her romantic feelings, despite her inclination to settle back into her safe, albeit lackluster, life.

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