Shadow Operative by Sam Cogley

Shadow Operative by Sam Cogley (ePUB) Free Download

Shadow Operative by Sam Cogley (Adam Knight Thrillers #1)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

In the shadowy world of espionage, the U.S. government has a secret weapon: Penumbra Division—a covert bureau where the line between right and wrong blurs in the name of national security. At the forefront is Adam Knight, its most skilled contractor.

After returning from a mission with a bullet in his leg, the question looms: Can he still be the fixer the government so desperately needs?

When a renowned genetic scientist is killed during a vacation in Greece, Knight is called up to pursue the murderer, who himself was thought dead two years earlier. Knight’s pursuit for truth across the globe turns perilous, facing ruthless forces, determined to bury their secrets. Among them, a deadly assassin, fixated on stopping him at all costs.

The investigation turns into a race against time as Knight uncovers a clandestine weapons program that threatens global security and could shift the balance of power into dangerous hands.

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