Shadow’s Flame by Mary Stone

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Shadow’s Flame by Mary Stone (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series #11)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Where there’s smoke, there’s murder.

As the sun dips toward the horizon at Dee’s Dock, a yacht ignites more than just the evening sky— it sparks yet another deadly mystery on Shadow Island. Sheriff Rebecca West leads the charge as the tight-knit community bands together to battle the blaze. But as the smoke clears, a chilling discovery is made… arson is only the beginning, and the charred remains aboard signal murder.

Was the fire the ultimate goal, or was the blaze a smokescreen for a much darker deed?
Unfortunately, there are no witnesses to the crime. To make matters worse, the incident has triggered an FBI investigation into the increase in crimes on the island since Rebecca became sheriff.

Rebecca knows the spate of crimes is the result of her kicking the beehive of the previously untouchable Yacht Club, and she suspects this case is no different. Of the three boats damaged by the fire, two belong to blue-collar business owners. The other belongs to a member of the Yacht Club.
The plot thickens when the leading suspect is found executed, forcing Rebecca and her team to sift through the ashes for answers. With every clue leading to more danger, they must catch a killer amidst the crosshairs of corruption before Shadow Island is consumed by the inferno of its own secrets.

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