Shannon’s Rebirth by Paul Bennett

Shannon’s Rebirth by Paul Bennett (ePUB) Free Download

Shannon’s Rebirth by Paul Bennett (Nick Shannon #8)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

No bad deed goes unpunished.
As a favour to his old friend Sir Gerald Campion, Nick Shannon is investigating the books at an advertising agency to make sure everything’s kosher — his first mistake.

His second is attending the company’s annual fete for clients, employees and their families. It’s a wholesome affair with a selection of rides and stalls selling homemade cakes and a hog roast.
But the merriment comes to a grinding halt when a gut-wrenching scream escapes from the ghost train. Nick races to the scene to find Bradley, a prominent client, slumped in a train car with a knife sticking out of his chest. His final, cryptic whisper: McLuhan.
Now Nick has two jobs: find a fraudster and catch a killer.

With his wedding fast approaching, Nick’s race against time becomes a high-stakes gamble, where each step could cost him dearly.
The key to solving the enigma lies within Bradley’s final word: McLuhan. But the closer Nick gets, the more danger he’s in. Now Nick is entangled in a deadly dance where every move could be his last.

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