Shattered Stars by Tim Rangnow

Shattered Stars by Tim Rangnow (ePUB) Free Download

Shattered Stars by Tim Rangnow (Intrepid Saga #3)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

After fighting off the invaders of Waldruun, Earth’s intergalactic fleet has grown. The newly retrofitted ship is ready to leave Kraken’s shipyard just as Intrepid arrives to begin extensive upgrades and repairs. After half a year spent working cargo hauling contracts, Lyle Kerrigan and his crew are ready to enjoy a little R&R while the former colony ship is overhauled.

Just before the newest ship can be formally launched, information reaches Kraken that Kerrigan has long sought after. When the Kr’Sal abducted almost two hundred colonists and crew, a dozen people were spirited off to the so-called “pleasure markets”. While the others were rescued, these few were never recovered. Now, Earth’s allies among the alien races have uncovered information that could lead Intrepid’s crew to finally rescue their comrades.
On the other side of the sector, an old foe prepares to launch a destructive strike. The future of all humanity is at stake, and onlyIntrepid and her crew stand in the way.

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