Sherlock Holmes and Dorian Gray by Christian Klaver

Sherlock Holmes and Dorian Gray by Christian Klaver (ePUB) Free Download

Sherlock Holmes and Dorian Gray by Christian Klaver (Sherlock Holmes: The Classified Dossier #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Mysterious socialite Dorian Gray is at the centre of Sherlock Holmes’ latest investigation in this astonishing, uncanny mash-up of Victorian mystery and horror

Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson have tickets to the newly arrived Egyptian Circus. Holmes is puzzled by his brother Mycroft’s cryptic gift but is intrigued enough to attend the next production.

The performers, dressed as wondrous half-animal, half-human gods from Egyptian mythology, display superhuman agility and stunts. But they speak no Arabic, sequester themselves in the stables after each show and take orders from a mysterious ring master who is yet to be seen. And then one of the performers is murdered.
Holmes’s enquires lead him to Montebank Manor, the home of the beautiful and secretive socialite Dorian Gray. As Holmes digs deeper, he learns Gray is hiding much more than his involvement in a murder. It’s a darkly fantastical tale of lies, experimentation, hypnosis and wicked ambition.

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