Spartan Justice by Han Yang

Spartan Justice by Han Yang
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A Spartan army, a portal to a fantasy world, and an impossible mission.
Aros trained his whole life to become a leader of Sparta, destined to lead the finest. During a brief peace with Athens, the two sides engage in a joint training at sea. Aros finds himself thrust into command when his superior leaves to avoid a coming storm.

Except the brewing squall is supernatural, brought on the by the Gods. Poseidon tests the warriors’ mettle, and after a fierce battle, broaches an offer: be forgotten to history, or travel to Drakor where only one species out of ten practices Hellenism – humans.

On Drakor, a place of magic and mythical creatures, humans are slaves to the nine species. The Greek Gods hate this, but the nine species worship a different Pantheon, thus limiting their power and sway. Determined to show the true might of humanity, Zeus and Ares send Poseidon to portal the small fleet from Earth to Drakor. Once there, Aros and the Spartans will crush the nine to free their kind or die glorious deaths on the field of battle.
Will their battles, triumphs, and deeds ring through history, or will the insane odds prove too much? It all begins when you open this book.

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