Sword of the War God by Tim Hodkinson

Sword of the War God by Tim Hodkinson (ePUB) Free Download

Sword of the War God by Tim Hodkinson
English | 2024 | Historical Fantasy

Featuring breathtaking battles, fearsome foes, and vehement vows of vengeance, SWORD OF THE WAR GOD is a thrilling adventure set amongst the blood and tumult of fifth-century Europe, where the dying Roman Empire, the mighty Huns, and heroes from Norse mythology vie for power.

In a world of war and ruin, men and gods collide.
436 AD. The Burgundars are confident of destroying Rome’s legions, for the Empire is weak. Their forces are strong and they have beaten the Romans in battle before.

But they are annihilated, their king killed, his people scattered. Their fabled treasure is lost. For Rome has new allies: the Huns, whose taste for bloodshed knows no bounds.

Many years later, the Huns, led by the fearsome Attila, have become the deadliest enemies of Rome. Attila seeks the Burgundars’ treasure, for it includes the legendary Sword of the War God, said to make the bearer unbeatable.

No alliance can defeat Attila by conventional means. With Rome desperate for help, a one-eyed old warlord from distant lands and his strange band of warriors may have the answers… but oaths will be broken and the plains of Europe will run with blood before the end.

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