The Blame by Charlotte Langley

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The Blame by Charlotte Langley
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

The Blame by Charlotte Langley is a debut psychological suspense police thriller in which two detectives begin a love affair, only for one of them to become a prime suspect in a chilling murder.

Detective Erin Crane is assigned to the investigation into sixteen-year-old Sophie Madson’s murder along with her partner, detective Tom Radley. Over the years they’ve formed a close professional bond built on mutual trust and a shared contempt for the unscrupulous head of the anti-corruption team, Walker. This case will prove a bigger test of their relationship than either of them could ever have imagined.

During the investigation, Tom discovers Erin’s biggest secret: that she put a man in prison under false evidence. But to her surprise, far from driving them apart, the revelation brings them closer together, and Tom and Erin embark on a love affair – despite the risk to their careers and the case.

Then Erin discovers dashcam footage from a van driver, showing Sophie Madson getting into Tom’s car barely an hour before she died. Tom becomes the prime suspect in the murder case and everything Erin thought she could trust begins to crumble..

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