The Burning World by Christopher G. Nuttall

The Burning World by Christopher G. Nuttall (ePUB) Free Download

The Burning World by Christopher G. Nuttall (A Learning Experience #8)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

The Belosi saved the human race. Now, we’re going to return the favour.

Fifty years ago, a human covert operations team – The Firelighters – raided Belosi, a world held in bondage by the alien Tichck, and rescued thousands of Belosi from slavery, taking them into space to form the core of a future liberation force. Since then, a cloud of secrecy has descended over Belos, with no word of the fate of the trapped Belosi allowed to escape the system. Now, with the Tokomak War over and the Galactics in disarray, the Solar Union intends to honour its promises to the exiled Belosi, by supporting their fleet in a bid to reclaim their stolen homeworld.

But the Tichck have plans of their own, and with the former masters of the universe no longer a threat, they can finally make their own play for supreme power.

The first war is over. The second is about to begin.

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