The Cartoon Guide to Geometry by Larry Gonick

The Cartoon Guide to Geometry by Larry Gonick (ePUB) Free Download

The Cartoon Guide to Geometry by Larry Gonick
English | 2024 | Education & Reference

A comprehensive new illustrated guide to geometry—from New York Times bestselling cartoonist Larry Gonick

What’s the point of points? Where do we draw the line? If there are two sides to everything, then what’s up with triangles, squares, and polygons?

Once again, mathematician-turned-cartoonist Larry Gonick uses his unique gift for witty, lively, and clear exposition to demystify another complex subject: geometry.

Moving from the most basic geometrical concepts—planes, lines, and points—through elementary postulates and to elaborate proofs, The Cartoon Guide to Geometry is a comprehensive primer on all the essentials of plane geometry: angles, triangles, area, similarity, and, yes, the Pythagorean theorem. Carefully tailored to the curriculum standards and standardized testing guidelines of the subject, the book provides innovative visuals that develop proofs and constructions with sequential graphics rather than single illustrations. The reader emerges with a deep grasp of key ideas—and has fun getting there.

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