The Client List by Robin James

The Client List by Robin James (ePUB) Free Download

The Client List by Robin James (Cass Leary #12)
English | 2024 | Legal Thriller

After a chance encounter at the funeral of an old mentor, small-town lawyer Cass Leary finds herself at the center of a murder trial no one believes she can win.
Cass is stunned when a man she hasn’t seen or spoken to in twenty years wills his law practice to her. His client list contains a single name. Farrah Sibley. Accused of murdering her boss, Farrah has femme fatale written all over her. Beautiful. Smart. Cunning. But is she capable of such a cold-blooded killing? Shot once through the heart, the victim, prominent lawyer Terrence Dowd only had one enemy.

His mistress, Farrah is on record threatening Dowd’s life and had the motive and opportunity to turn their relationship into a fatal attraction. She was also the last one to see Dowd alive. Two things drive Cass to take the case despite the skepticism of her team.

There’s no physical evidence tying Farrah to the crime and someone Cass revered believed in her innocence until the day he died. Cass takes a leap of faith and mounts a defense. But she walks right into a web of lies and deception that will throw the trial into chaos and risk her very life.

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