The Court at Castle Chansany by Charlotte E. English

The Court at Castle Chansany by Charlotte E. English (ePUB) Free Download

The Court at Castle Chansany: Tales from the Flying Castle by Charlotte E. English (Castle Tales)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

From the author of Wyrde and Wayward and Modern Magick: a collection of cosy, uplifting stories about an eccentric wizard, an irascible dragon, and the most unlikely of friendships.

Welcome to the strangest place you’ve never been—and the most marvellous.
There’s a castle up there in the sky, held aloft by wizardry and dreams. It’s the home of the most curious court in all the land; a place of queens and princes, scholars and bards, sylphs and scullery maids—not to mention the Wizard himself.

Come visit. You’re as like as not to find the princess in the kitchens, spinning subtleties out of sugar. The wizard’s in his study, consulting with the spell-books, and the furniture. The king’s in the gardens with his roses; the queen is in her solar, where the plants, dream-woven, grow in every shape and colour.

Meet Jessamine, a small dragon with a heart the size of the castle itself. Meet Paglar the cook, Tambul, the wizard’s apprentice; the best-of-all-chairs, and the wizard’s favourite carpet. Meet the sylphs, causing havoc in the Potionery.

It’s the mad Court at Castle Chansany and everyone is welcome. Tea’s served at three, and there’s a banquet after. Don’t be late!

Collected together for the first time, these sixteen tales of life at the curious castle explore relationships, belonging, and what it means to be human—and a little bit strange…

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