The Doctor’s Child by Daniel Hurst

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The Doctor’s Child by Daniel Hurst (The Doctor’s Wife #4)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The doctor is dead. Now his daughter wants revenge…
‘I’ll always protect you.’ These are the words my mother whispered to me every time she kissed me goodnight. And whenever we ventured outside our windswept seaside village, she’d clutch my hand tightly and her face would be pinched and pale. I never understood why. But now I do.

Growing up, I’d heard the whispers and the rumours. My mother tried to keep the truth from me, but she failed. I understand exactly what happened eighteen years ago. I know I am the murdered doctor’s child.
Everything could have been so different if the doctor’s wife hadn’t ruined my mother’s life – and mine too. We could’ve been a proper family, living in a big house with a stunning sea view.

Instead, I never got to know my dad and my mother is a shadow of the person she once was, always looking over her shoulder…
Glancing at my fair hair and bright blue eyes in the mirror, I realise I’m just like my father. And it’s up to me to right the wrongs of the past.
They say the doctor’s wife is clever and calculating. That she gets away with murder. But she hasn’t met me yet…

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