The Former Occupant by Cathryn Grant

The Former Occupant by Cathryn Grant (ePUB) Free Download

The Former Occupant by Cathryn Grant
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

She thought the cute country bungalow would provide a perfect sanctuary for healing, but someone is turning her dream into a nightmare.
On the first day in her new home, Trinity finds out her husband lied to her about the former occupants. Determined not to let that dampen her mood, she begins refurbishing her summer home with the help of her best friend. She only has a few short weeks to make it ready for her one-year-old nephew who is coming to live with her in the wake of her sister’s death.

As a series of strange things begin happening inside the house, Trinity feels like she’s losing her mind. But when she discovers the body of her real estate agent in the backyard, she begins to realize someone is trying to drive her out of her new home.

As more disturbing things start happening inside and around her house, Trinity begs her husband to come home, yet he keeps making excuses about why he has to extend his overseas trip. Her best friend, who has always been her strongest supporter, is making Trinity doubt her own experiences and memories.
With the discovery of another body in her backyard, Trinity is suspected of murder. She’ll stop at nothing to clear her name—she’s all her nephew has left in the world, and she can’t wind up in prison, or worse, the next victim of a killer.

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