The Girl Who Remembers by A.J. Rivers

The Girl Who Remembers by A.J. Rivers (ePUB) Free Download

The Girl Who Remembers by A.J. Rivers (Emma Griffin #28)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

There are memories that we try our hardest to forget.
Reminders of what was taken from us…

For FBI Agent Emma Griffin pain and brokenness was all she knew.
At eleven, she found her mother murdered.
The love she most cherished was gone in an instant.
Even after catching the culprit, the pang in her heart never left her.
Now with her husband and newfound family.
It seems like the painful chapters are finally closed.

When bodies are found seemingly mimicking Emma’s old cases.
It seems like an enemy from agent Griffin’s past is zeroing in on those close to her.
When a floodgate of memories resurfaces, birthing a desire in Emma to destroy those who dare threaten the people she loves.
She starts to remember pain points that her mind attempted to erase.

There’s time for justice, then there’s time for retribution.
To crush the things that stomps on the innocent and robs us of our joy.
Revenge isn’t sweet, it’s judgement.

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