The Haunting of Bushranger Inn by B. J. Conroy

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The Haunting of Bushranger Inn by B. J. Conroy
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Sandy and Nate are a young, recently married couple from Sydney, Australia, looking to move to the country and run their own business. The Bushranger Inn on the outskirts of the town of Soames is up for sale, and they decide to take on the challenge of running it.
The bushrangers were nineteenth-century Australian outlaws who raided farms, robbed banks, and held up stagecoaches. When the authorities pursued them, they disappeared into the vast hinterland of forest and scrub called the bush.

The inn does have a historic connection to real bushrangers. It was formerly known as the Victoria Arms and was the unofficial headquarters of the Morgan gang. In 1863, police suspected them of robbing a gold shipment being taken by carriage from the gold fields of Soames to Sydney. The gold was never found, and the bushrangers died in mysterious circumstances.
After moving into the inn, Sandy is disturbed by ghostly sounds occurring at the same time every night. Nate cannot hear them and thinks she is imagining it.

Ignoring the sounds might help Sandy save her marriage and the business, but what if they’re a warning? Could listening to them be their best chance of survival?

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