The Killer You Know by Addison Moore

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The Killer You Know by Addison Moore (Fallon Baxter FBI Mystery #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

You are cordially invited to a killer reunion.
School is back in session and evil is doling out the lessons.
The past never truly dies until you kill it yourself.
In the hunt for justice, FBI Agent Fallon Baxter unravels the deadliest mysteries.
FBI Agent Fallon Baxter is thrust into a deadly game when a high school reunion becomes the backdrop for a chilling series of murders. This time the connection is personal—Jack, her stalwart partner, finds his old schoolmates are the targets and potentially the culprits.

Just days before the reunion the first victim is brutally murdered in her own home and another peer vanishes, leaving behind a blood-soaked message that dredges up a buried past.
The body count is rising and with each one the killer grows bolder as the clues intertwine with Jack’s history.

Time is against them as the body count climbs and each hour brings them closer to the next gruesome discovery. The killer uses the reunion to settle old scores, turning former friends into suspects and victims.
Fallon is plunged into a relentless hunt where the next name on the killer’s list could be any one of Jack’s classmates—including Jack himself.
With the reunion spiraling into chaos, Fallon must confront the darkness of the past to stop the killer from turning this reunion into a bloodbath.
Can she piece together the final clues before the killer’s twisted justice claims another life?
Every memory from the past has its echo, and every echo has a rather deadly secret.

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