The Kuiper Rogue by C.P. Schaefer

The Kuiper Rogue by C.P. Schaefer (ePUB) Free Download

The Kuiper Rogue by C.P. Schaefer
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

An astronomer and his team battle madness and cosmic chaos to save Earth.

Will Vandolah is stationed on the gigantic research outpost, GAIA 3, on Saturn’s moon, Titan. However, its living ecosphere is dying, and oxygen deprivation slowly throws the crew into delirium.

As the crew races against time to solve the problem, Will discovers a new and far worse threat. An enormous comet hurtling through space passes close to Saturn and triggers a chain of events that detonates the rings into a glowing inferno, blasting deadly radiation into space. Will later estimates the comet will pass close enough to Earth to cause an apocalyptic disaster.

Some crew members, suffering from this radiation, begin showing signs of madness, and a fight for control of the outpost ensues. Will leads the surviving crew in a desperate attempt to escape GAIA 3 and warn Earth before it’s too late. But interference emanating from the rings prevents communication. They can only send continuous signals and hope for the best on the long journey home.

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