The Missing Wife by Sue Fortin

The Missing Wife by Sue Fortin (ePUB) Free Download

The Missing Wife by Sue Fortin
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

There’s a cost to keeping secrets…

Everyone knows about the fight between Kathleen Walsh and her sister on the night she disappeared. For six months, no one has heard from Kathleen. Not her bullying husband, not her teenage son, and not her devastated sister Siobhan.

But then Kathleen’s purse is found by a walker high up on the rocky Irish cliffs. The only thing inside is a torn scrap of paper with the words ‘HELP ME’.

For Siobhan, it’s a chance to find her sister and fix the mistake she made six months ago. But not everyone in the tight-knit community welcomes Siobhan’s interest in the disappearance, and after a tense exchange with Kathleen’s old colleagues, Siobhan starts receiving chilling threats. She won’t stop the search, but has she made a terrible mistake? When Siobhan’s daughter goes missing, she realises the lengths someone will go to hide the truth. Now they’re going to learn how far she’ll go to save her family…

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