The Neon Influencer by Patrick Logan

The Neon Influencer by Patrick Logan (ePUB) Free Download

The Neon Influencer by Patrick Logan
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

In the world of influencers, some secrets are worth killing for

In the heart of a high-gloss Los Angeles party, where the world’s elite influencers have gathered to live out their most glamorous moments, the night takes a sinister turn; when the cameras stop rolling and the lights dim, one of them is found dead. The seamless facade of perfection shatters, leaving behind a tangled web of secrets and motives.

And everything is caught on camera.

Harper Sterling, a sharp-witted investigative journalist with a critical eye on influencer culture, finds herself entangled in the mystery. As the lines between friend and suspect blur, Harper’s quest to uncover the truth reveals a darker side of the digital dream. In a world obsessed with the next viral moment, finding the killer becomes a race against time, with every clue hidden behind a filter of deception.
When life is broadcasted, can murder stay off-screen?

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