The Object by Joshua T. Calvert

The Object by Joshua T. Calvert (ePUB) Free Download

The Object by Joshua T. Calvert
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

Deep space holds secrets…
…and one astronomer for NASA has found a big one.
But it’s not what she thinks.

Dr. Melody Adams, a physicist at the Gemini North Observatory, was studying Pluto in the telescope data and it struck her as odd. The numbers didn’t make sense. Could there be an extraterrestrial object in our solar system?
She followed protocol.
The scientific community didn’t believe her.
And before she knew what happened, her career was over.

The day that changed Melody’s life was like any other over the previous two years. She’d found she had a gift for writing and her career as an author had almost healed the pain of losing her job. When the Secret Service rang her bell, everything changed.
Something was nearing Saturn…
…and it was slowing down.
Had she been right about the object?

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