The Other Wife by Danielle Ramsay

The Other Wife by Danielle Ramsay (ePUB) Free Download

The Other Wife by Danielle Ramsay
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The wife is always the last to know…
What if everything you believed was a lie?
Your life…your marriage…your very existence.
What if the person lying to you is your husband, the man who claims to love you more than anything in the world?

Isolated in his remote Scottish ancestral home on the pretext that you are psychologically fragile and recovering from a breakdown, this home has become a prison. As the days slip by in a haze of confusion and a cocktail of drugs administered by a loyal housekeeper, you begin to piece together the fragments of your life and stumble on a terrifying secret.

What if you discover you weren’t his first wife, and nor will you be the last?
That he plans to replace you, to make you disappear – just like the first wife.
Just how far would you go to save your life and prove your husband’s a murderer?

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