The Weight of Wishes by Tori Weed

The Weight of Wishes by Tori Weed (ePUB) Free Download

The Weight of Wishes by Tori Weed
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

If dreams can come true, it is vital to remember that nightmares, well, they exist too.

Seren was only four when the Stellean king killed her mother. Sixteen years his servant, Seren understands her place in his cruel court: Stay quiet. Stay out of trouble. And most importantly, stay alive.

But now, the Fae king wants her dead too, and there is only one way to stop him.
Thrust into a challenge not undertaken for centuries, Seren must navigate trials more dangerous and twisted than she could ever imagine.

With the fate of her kingdom hanging in the balance, can Seren defy the odds and uncover the truth about her past?
The clock is ticking. The gods are watching.

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