The Wildfire Girl by Carolyn Arnold

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The Wildfire Girl by Carolyn Arnold (Detective Amanda Steele #11)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The woman panics as the thick smoke starts to curl under the locked door. She can’t breathe and desperately tries to open the window, but it’s been sealed shut. Falling to the floor, she finally accepts there’s no way out of this room alive. And as her vision starts to fade, she prays she dies before the flames find her.
When human remains are discovered behind a dumpster in Woodbridge, Virginia, Detective Amanda Steele rushes to the scene. Her heart drops when she arrives and is hit by the unmistakable stench of gasoline. Soon, her worst fear is confirmed: the victim was burned alive.

With only an engraved gold wedding band surviving the blaze, Amanda knows it could be days before they have a confirmed ID. But when her partner Detective Trent Stenson arrives, he pales at the sight of the ring, recognizing it as belonging to his Aunt Gertrude’s husband, Don.
Trent is convinced his aunt isn’t involved, but as more is unearthed about her troubled relationship with her husband, and she fails to provide an alibi, Amanda isn’t so sure. Desperate to prove his aunt’s innocence, Trent soon discovers someone from Don’s past is back in Woodbridge—someone who wants revenge. But Amanda and Trent are shaken to their core when that person is discovered brutally murdered.
Convinced the cases are linked, Amanda knows she has to find the cold-blooded killer before they strike again. And as Trent becomes even more emotionally entangled in the case, she’s terrified he could become the next victim…

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