Your Time, Your Way by Carl Pullein

Your Time, Your Way by Carl Pullein (ePUB) Free Download

Your Time, Your Way: Time Well Managed, Life Well Lived by Carl Pullein
English | 2024 | Self Help

This book gives you a complete productivity system and explains how you can avoid common pitfalls many people face. You will have everything you need to build your own system, a system that works for you.

Many productivity systems promise to help you get your work done. New apps appear daily, promising they will make you more productive, and countless blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcasts tell you to try this or that new innovative idea. The truth is, the only way you will get more done is to do more. No new app, system, or idea will ever replace that simple fact! But there is a problem with this¬To get more done, you have to do more ¬ in a way, counter to the culture we live in today.

We are supposed to take more breaks, be more gentle with ourselves to protect our mental, health, and slow down when we feel tired. All good advice, but it does not help us to be more productive if to be more productive means we have to do more. In Your Time, Your Way: Time Well Managed, Life Well Lived, Carl Pullein gives you the secrets, tools and processes you need to make more time in your work life and personal life to do more, better.

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