Adopted Gods by Andrew Bellingham

Adopted Gods by Andrew Bellingham (ePUB) Free Download

Adopted Gods by Andrew Bellingham (Second Contact Series #2)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

What do gods owe their followers?
It’s been months since Fenrick Shorla and his crew found themselves abandoned on an alien world teeming with intelligent life. They have learned to survive and work together. Now, the real mission begins.
With the Perseverance adrift, its crew held captive in cryo, Fen is determined to find a way to beat the rogue VI and terraformer drones that hold them hostage.
But can he use the alien primitives of the planet to help achieve his goals?
The insectaurs treat him and his crew as deities, never knowing that humanity has come to claim the world as their own.

As an impossible ship arrives bearing a new threat to both the colony and the insectaur tribes, the crew must decide how far they will go for their alien neighbors.
Do they stand side by side with the insectaurs and risk their chance to reclaim the Perseverance? Is it better to hide behind the colony walls?
Everyone on Fen’s team knows they are underqualified for the task of saving the Perseverance. Now they face a bigger challenge as they find themselves made adopted gods.

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