Reflect by Emmy Ellis

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Reflect by Emmy Ellis (The Cardigan Estate Series #24)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Nessa Feathers has a job to do, but she’s not looking forward to it. She’s been asked to commit murder, and if she keeps it to herself, she’ll be in trouble. A woman is being held hostage and has to disappear. But can Nessa make that happen?
Pippa King is that hostage. She needs to get away from the people who killed her son, Luke. She ought to tell the Cardigan leaders, but would they want to help her when her past is so sketchy?

DI Janine Sheldon is determined to find Luke’s mother. His death has had a profound effect on her, and she won’t rest until she gets justice for him. Whether that’s her arresting the killers or the leaders finding them first remains to be seen…

The leaders of The Cardigan Estate find themselves embroiled in yet another problem. It seems they go from one upset to another, but this time, George is gunning for whoever harmed an innocent. As the saga unfolds, two more targets are sighted, and the warehouse becomes a little busy…
Torture and murder are an evil combination, but not if your name’s George—and not if his alter ego, Mad, has anything to say about it. Because once Mad comes out to play, all bets are off…

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